Circuit Breakers

Why Electrical Circuit Breakers Go Bad?

Most electrical panels tend to start having issues over time. The wear and tear the panel gains over time starts to take a toll on the components. One of the most common problems that we have in the electrical industry is the circuit breaker going bad. Electrical circuit breakers need to replaced over time due to due to overuse or being outdated.

It is good to have your electrical panel and breakers inspected, and panel cleaned out from dust every so often. Proper maintenance and care can extend the life of our electrical equipment. 

Breakers Won't Stay On Anymore?

When breakers don’t hold in the on position anymore, it usually comes down to two things. Either the breaker is bad, or the machine is causing it to heat up. Electrical circuit Breakers have an internal function to shut off at a specific amperage or heat rating.

Check to see how many items you have plugged into the same circuit. The circuit may be drawing more amperage then allowed by the breaker. You can also check the rating of amperage on the equipment itself. Make sure the breaker is the proper size for the equipment.

Replacing A Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are easy to replace if you are a qualified person. When it comes to replacing a circuit, you must first determine why the electrical circuit breaker went bad in the first place. If the electrical panel is old, replacing a breaker might not do the trick. Older electrical panels such as Zinzco and Federal Pacific our now obsolete, Which is a good sign that you may need to upgrade your panel instead.

If you are having trouble with your electrical breakers or panel, contact Suncoast energy for a free assessment.

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