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Level 3 EV Chargers

Electrical Vehicle Chargers

If you are looking into installing an electrical vehicle charger at your business or home it is a good idea to choose a company with experience along with workmanship. Suncoast energy offers level 2 and level 3 dc fast charger experience. With a professional installation we ensure your business or home remains charger accessible and charger ready at all times. Our Suncoast Energy professionals in the Los Angeles are efficient and skilled. We help with a safe and efficient set up to keep your chargers running smoothly. We will give a free consultation on what options we have for your property.

  • Level 1 Chargers

To recharge the car’s battery, the PEVs come with a standard Level 1 charger. The Level 1 charger is a fairly basic EV charger that usually comes with the electric or hybrid car and can be plugged into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet in your garage. When you use a Level 1 charger, it is important that it is on its own dedicated electrical circuit. This means no other devices should be plugged into the same outlet on the same circuit breaker. For enhanced safety, the outlet should also be a GFCI type receptacle to guard against electric shock.

There is one drawback with a Level 1 charger. It can take up to 12 hours to fully charge some vehicles using 120 Volt standard house power. Depending on which vehicle you own, you’ll get from 3 – 5 miles for every hour you charge your car with a standard 120 Volt receptacle. If you only drive short distances and never completely deplete your battery, this may be fine for you. Every night you will need to plug in your car to give it enough charge to get through the following day.

  • Level 2 Chargers

When you install level 2 charger at business or home, you are provided the convenience of a safer, faster electric car power boost. A Level 2 charger is bigger than the Level 1 charger. The level 2 charger installation station is typically mounted on the wall of your garage or an outside wall near where the EV car is parked. An electrical cord comes from the Level 2 charger and plugs into a port in the EV car. Level 2 Chargers are typically 240 volts and between 40-80 amps. With our professional services, we provide you with a detailed assessment and quotation on level 2 and 3 charger installation cost.

  • DC Fast Charging

DC fast charging which is also commonly known as Super Charging is CHAdeMO technology equipped with level 3 EV charging equipment. Electric vehicles are usually equipped with onboard chargers. These chargers are responsible for converting alternating current to direct current to make it suitable for charging the onboard electric battery. This is one of the main reasons for fast-charging capability. These days, level 3 chargers are able to transfer 80% electric power to the battery in just 30 minutes.

As far as level 2 chargers are concerned, most of the electrical vehicles today utilize the J1772 connector. The only exception in this regime is Tesla. The company equips its vehicles with either CHAdeMO connectors or the same J1772 connectors in some cases. The fast-charging capability is not included in all the electric vehicles as their standard feature. Before charging a vehicle at any fast-charging station it is necessary to confirm the type of connector in order to make sure that it is compatible with the particular vehicle. Different electric vehicles use different charging standards.

  • Installation Costs
Cost of Residential Installation

There are a few simple steps for the installation of charging equipment at domestic levels.First, the process starts with a consultation with the automobile dealer for your vehicle. Second, contact local utility the check on any installation requirements. Lastly, contact a local electrician for a detailed estimate. In California the typical cost for a level 2 charger is $1500. This cost can vary based on a number of factors including the age of home, the installed electrical capacity, and the existing electrical load. Ultimately, these are some factors that determine the installation costs and can vary from one locality to another and for one house to the other.

Cost of Commercial Installation

The commercial installation costs of A Level 2 Charger can vary from site to site. A basic commercial installation can cost approximately $2000. On the other hand, A super charger can cost upward to $10,000-$15,000 Ultimately, Suncoast Energy can provide a detailed assessment and proposal.

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