Exterior Lighting Upgrades

Exterior Lighting Upgrades

Every business owner appreciates the importance of lighting throughout their commercial settings. Sadly, it is very easy for companies to overlook the need for exterior lighting upgrades. However, it’s a procedure that could have a telling impact on the immediate and long-term future of the firm. In truth, the incentives for taking control of your commercial lighting situation could not be clearer.

Why Should You Consider Upgrading Your Exterior Lighting?

  • Increase the visibility in external workspaces, increasing safety and productivity for overnight workers, including suppliers and delivery firms.
  • Support your alarm systems and surveillance camera networks with increased visibility at night, or motion sensor lighting that deters intruders.
  • Save money by introducing energy-efficient lighting setups, such as solar-powered products and the right LED bulb choices.
  • Create a sense of consistency across the work premises, especially when the internal lighting fixtures have been updated in the recent past.
  • Prevent potential power outages or other faults that could stem from outdated or faulty technologies, as well as overloading the electrical panel.
  • Gain peace of mind by ensuring that your exterior lighting complies with the latest regulations and is ready to deliver years of satisfaction.

Exterior lighting upgrades can enhance the brand image, security, and operational costs of the business while actively supporting employees through increased visibility and feelings of safety.

Signs That Your Exterior Lighting Requires An Upgrade

Exterior lighting upgrades can be utilized by companies of all shapes and sizes while it also covers all workplace settings. Whether it’s the store car park, office exteriors, or factory loading bays doesn’t matter. Upgrading the exterior lighting facilities will enable you to enjoy the above benefits and more.

In truth, most businesses can reap the rewards of an exterior lighting upgrade, especially if it has been several years since this aspect of the operation has been attended to. Nonetheless, some situations require faster action than others. When the following symptoms surface, it’s better to act sooner rather than later;

  • The existing exterior lighting experiences regular outages, either as an entire network or within certain sections of it.
  • Your external lighting leaves parts of the outside premises in the dark due to a lack of coverage or low light intensity.
  • The electricity bill for your business remains particularly high despite upgrades to the internal aspects of the building.
  • You or your employees feel unsafe, or you’ve experienced accidents or burglaries that may have been exacerbated by the lighting issues.
  • Depending on the type of building, the external signage and lighting fail to grab the attention of passersby, thus limiting the brand image.

There are many reasons to invest in better exterior lighting. If your gut instincts suggest that an upgrade or new installation is required, you should listen to it. After all, if the potential issues are noticeable to you, others will feel the same. Crucially, an expert can identify those areas of improvement and implement the game-changing transformations you require.

The Exterior Lighting Upgrade Process Explained

There’s very little need to explain the definition of an external lighting upgrade. However, it is vital for business owners to familiarize themselves with what to expect throughout the process. The assignment should only be completed by a qualified and experienced lighting professional who can offer a comprehensive service.

Upgrading the exterior lighting facilities is a procedure that may vary from one setting to another based on a myriad of factors ranging from the location or building size to the function of the workplace and the surrounding land. However, the process traditionally adheres to the following blueprint.

  • A consultation service is offered to discuss your objectives, requirements, budgets, and other key aspects of the project.
  • A full lighting audit is used to record details of all current lighting fixtures, including their positions and light intensity.
  • The electrical panel is inspected to confirm the flow and reliability of electricity currently received by the building.
  • Detailed plans created from a combination of data-driven decisions and your requirements are designed and submitted for your analysis.

It is possible that the audit will find that no work is required, but it’s unlikely. The detailed plans of suggested exterior lighting upgrades consequently include price breakdowns and timeframes, allowing you to make a calculated decision on whether to go ahead with the project.

What Types Of Lighting May Be Used?

Exterior lighting upgrades may utilize a range of different lighting features. The exact makeup of any plan will depend on the type of building, the business requirements, and a range of other contributing features. LED lighting is regularly seen to be the best option on the market due to their eco-friendly and cost-saving attributes, as well as the versatility in relation to colors and intensities. As for the types of lighting that may be included in the exterior lighting plan, some of the most common solutions are;

  • Parking lot lighting upgrades that include floodlights, low-level bollard lights, perimeter-mounted columns and bollard walkway lighting, bay mounted columns, and more.
  • LED wall pack lighting that is fitted to external walls, either attached to the main building itself or to the perimeter walls for increased visibility and esthetic beauty.
  • Spotlights, including motion-sensor security lighting, as well as step lights and garden lights for surrounding lands.

Exterior lighting upgrades can also work in conjunction with signage, security features, and other key attributes of the building exterior or car lot. With hundreds of options and limitless configuration possibilities, a comprehensive audit is the only way to find the perfect strategy for your business.

Are Exterior Lighting Upgrades Really Needed?

When your company lacks exterior lighting, the desire to add the right facilities will be high on the agenda. However, companies that already have outdoor lighting of some kind may be tempted to persist with their systems. Sadly, this is an ill-informed move from a logistical outlook, as well as a financial one. There are many reasons why this is the perfect time to ensure that your company’s car lot lighting, building lighting, and other external lighting sources offer the coverage and efficiency that you deserve. Some of the most telling insights are;

  • Roughly 17% of all commercial energy consumption is due to lighting.
  • The outdoor commercial lighting sector is growing even quicker than other lighting sectors.
  • Outdoor lighting can cut crime by up to 39%, not only in relation to burglaries.
  • LED lights can often produce energy and a financial saving of 75% when compared to outdated bulbs.
  • The Smart outdoor lighting sector is expected to hit $27bn  by 2025.

The stats above underline the value of exterior lighting upgrades along with the benefits of making the necessary improvements ASAP. The technology is at an all-time high in relation to the function, security, and eco-friendly attributes. With the right expert in your corner, you can achieve great results for years to come.

Booking An Exterior Lighting Consultation

The first step towards creating the exterior lighting setup you deserve is to complete a comprehensive audit that analyzes the current situation before identifying the best upgrades in line with your expectations, objectives, and budget. Our experts can usually offer this process as a free, no-obligation service. And if you decide to implement the lighting developments that are suggested from the data-driven insights, we can complete the associated projects to industry-leading standards too.

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