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Industrial Communications and Power Installation

Managing your industrial communications and power networks efficiently can be the difference between quick and efficient jobs with your clients to long and drawn-out processes that result in negative business and lost clients. Our industrial communications and power management services will help to optimize your business workflow and provide you with a solid foundation on which to grow.

The challenges of optimizing your industrial communications and power networks

Communications and power networks are installed by a highly experienced industrial electrician. Fiber optic cabling is a modern marvel that allows us to carry secure information over long distances without any loss of data. It’s the same type of cables that carry network connections through the ocean, often at depths of up to 8000 meters. Fiber optic cabling serves as a foundation for many industrial communications networks thanks to its durability, reliability, and zero data loss during transfer.

However, installing these cables and their related systems can be challenging for businesses that don’t possess the expertise to manage it.

While there are control system architectures such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) that make things easier for businesses to handle their fiber optic networks, it must be installed, configured and maintained by industrial professionals that are qualified to do so. SCADA will ensure that your communications and power networks are optimized so that you always have a reliable data connection that you can trust.

Professional fiber optic splicing

Our professional technicians will handle fiber optic splicing needs with ease. We’ll travel to each location that you specify in order to carry out fiber optic cable repairs, maintenance and troubleshooting. Splicing can be done anywhere needed, including at power generation farms, substations and even operations and maintenance buildings.

OTDR testing

Our technicians use the latest modern Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) instruments to perform diagnostic checks of your fiber optic cable networks. An OTDR will help measure the performance of your fiber optic links and detect any potential issues that need to be repaired in order to optimize your communications network. OTDRs are also used to check the health of newly-installed links to verify the health of the network and that the infrastructure is up to your standards.

Our services will include OTDR testing as standard. This will help us verify that your new fiber optic cables are working as intended and that there is no data loss, offering you peace of mind with new installations. We can also use our OTDR instruments to help troubleshoot problems that could be attributed to your fiber networks. Our trained and experienced technicians will be on-site and ready to answer any questions and concerns that you may have with your industrial communications and power networks.

Fusion splicing

Fiber optical cables aren’t indestructible. Sooner or later, you might notice irregularities with your communications network that could be traced back to the quality of your fiber-optic network. This is often true for businesses or industrial plants that have low-quality cables installed by a less-than-reputable technician. In cases like these, fiber optic cables could be easily damaged and will drastically lower the efficiency of your overall communications network.

The solution here is fiber optic splicing. We use the latest fusion splicing technologies that can provide you a quick and simple solution for repairing or joining fiber optic cables. This comes at a much lower cost than mechanical splicing and produces much better results with an insertion loss of under 0.1 dB. This ensures that light can continue passing through from one fiber to the next without any loss or refraction of light. Unlike mechanical splicing which only aligns two fibers, fusion splicing physically joins two fibers to provide a continuous connection, resulting in far better performance and safeguarding it against future problems such as weak signals and cable failure.

If your OTDR testing reveals that you have damaged cables that are impacting your performance, our technicians will be able to carry out on-site fusion splicing on the same day to help repair your fiber optic networks efficiently and with minimal hassle. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you believe that you have a fiber optic-related issue in your industrial plant, substation, O&M building or any other property.

SCADA system installation

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system architecture is made up of computers, graphic user interfaces (GUI) and networked data communications. It is designed for high-level process supervisory management and is often used in solar photovoltaic power plants to maximize energy generation and take control of your systems. A customized SCADA system is a great way to monitor, control, and analyze your solar plant for both industrial and utility-scale purposes. SCADA can also be complemented with a plethora of third-party integrations to provide even more functionality beyond its base features.

SCADA offers the follow:

  • Real-time automated reporting that can be customized with your own parameters at user-set intervals
  • Real-time monitoring of your industrial plant with a visual interface that makes it easy to track performance and detect errors
  • Individual component monitoring in real-time to monitor the health and performance of inverters, trackers, meters, string boxes and so on
  • Custom alarms and events that can be used to monitor systems and send notifications or alerts in different circumstances
  • Fully customizable chronological register of data and events from all individual components
  • Graphic visualization of detailed data to detect failures
  • Remote control features that offer off-site monitoring and control features

Adopting a SCADA system allows you to gain more control over your industrial plant. You’ll have a much easier time detecting errors, events will be registered chronologically for full transparency and cybersecurity features will ensure that it is protected from efforts to tamper with it. SCADA systems are essentially plug and play, making it simple for all industrial plants to adopt its use and take advantage of its features.

Due to the massive amount of data that a solar plant can produce (such as inverter and tracker data, meteorological station data, third party data, etc), it’s important to consolidate it into a coherent system such as SCADA. With its automation features, graphical interface and visual reports, it makes managing and making decisions within your solar plant much easier to handle.

SCADA networks can take advantage of both wired and wireless connections, making it possible to mix and match different pieces of equipment to fit into the whole network. Since today’s solar farms are larger in size and more complex than most types of industrial plants, it’s important to use a reliable fiber network and a SCADA system to help monitor, manage and optimize energy generation. If you’re interested in the installation or maintenance of a SCADA system, don’t hesitate to contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

Communications consulting

We understand that both fiber optic splicing and SCADA systems installations can be difficult to grasp without a technical background or knowledge. Even with the most expensive monitoring and diagnostic systems available, your industrial plant could still operate with poor efficiency, wasting a lot of its potential and incurring more operating costs than you might think.

With assistance from our SCADA and industrial communications and power specialists, we can ensure that your plant runs as optimally as possible with minimal waste and maximum efficiency. Whether you’re looking to hire a specialist as a consultant on a new project or would like to perform a deep audit of your current system, we’re more than happy to provide a turnkey project management solution and integrated services that meet your needs and expectations.

Simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to consult your business on a variety of different industrial communications and power topics. From installing and designing SCADA systems to educating staff on how to operate and maintain your plant, we’re confident that we can assist your business in its growth.

Why choose Suncoast Energy for your fiber-optic network?

We’re a single point of contact when it comes to SCADA system installation and management of your industrial plant. We provide flexible solutions for a variety of different industries and we offer a range of unique benefits as standard with all of our services. From simple fiber optic fusion to routine maintenance and troubleshooting your SCADA system, we’re always committed to providing the highest quality service that your industrial plant deserves.

For your fiber optic splicing and industrial communications installation needs, we’re one of the most reliable choices around. With our years of experience and dedication to customer experience, we’re confident that we can provide you with a level of service that exceeds your standards.

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