Lighting Survey

What Is A Lighting Survey?

First, let’s answer the all-important question – what exactly is a lighting survey?

Ultimately, a lighting survey is a data-driven assessment process that uses mathematical formulas alongside local and state regulations to assess your lighting as it stands. With a lighting survey, you can determine what kind of commercial lighting upgrades are beneficial for your business.  

Conducted by qualified and preferably experienced professionals, commercial lighting surveys involve an evaluation of the current condition of your lights. We can achieve this goal in various ways, including computer-simulated lighting plans. By taking into account key factors such as lighting intensity and current fixture locations, we can then calculate where your lighting is lacking.

While your survey may vary depending on whether your warehouse or office and so on, some key points that any professional lighting audit should cover are;

  • Room sizes
  • Number of light fixtures
  • Types of lighting controls in place (e.g. motion sensor, switch.)
  • Do fixtures meet current standards
  • Site lighting
  • Current electrical usage

Each of these items contributes towards an overall assessment that provides you with the information necessary to recognize and address problem areas soon rather than later.

Who Should Obtain A Lighting Survey?

Of course, knowing what a lighting survey entails doesn’t help you to understand whether or not you need one. In general terms, any business that hasn’t yet conducted a lighting audit could likely benefit from investing here for peace of mind if nothing else. But, there are a few further indicators that you should seek professional lighting oversight.

Some definite signs that you could benefit from turning your attention here include;

  • Poor lighting coverage
  • Regular employee complaints
  • Issues with glare
  • Contrast problems

Older commercial premises are prime locations for surveys, as it’s not unusual for general maintenance and upgrades to go unchecked here. Lack of lighting maintenance is a significant issue considering that lighting regulations change often. Companies must stay on top with those changes if they’re to remain on the right side of local laws. These laws can include everything from coverage to environmental processes, so failure to adhere can cause significant damage to a company’s reputation.

Even if you’re operating from a relatively new building, lighting surveys offer a fantastic solution if you find yourself paying extortionate amounts on your utility bills. After all, lighting alone can cost even small businesses as much $500 a month. That’s a hit that you could likely do without, and it’s an amount that you’ll be able to reduce a great deal with the knowledge and advice that comes as standard after a lighting survey.

How Is The Lighting Assessment Implemented?

Now you know the what’s and why’s of lighting surveys, it’s time to consider the how. In other words, how exactly is a lighting survey implemented, and how does that work with your business operations?

The main point to note here is that lighting surveys should be largely non-invasive and straightforward. There’s never any need for the downtime that could keep you from contacting a reliable company.

While every company is slightly different, we offer transparent and straightforward processes from the moment you contact us to discuss your needs. What’s more, we’ll only ever conduct your survey itself once we’re 100% clear on what it is that you’re after, so that you experience the least possible disruption from the process.

Even once your survey itself is over, we approach matters with your needs in mind. We will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that you understand both what your survey reveals, and the action that we recommend you take as a result.

And our services don’t end there. As a comprehensive lighting company, we’re also able to offer you the labor and materials you need to turn those plans into reality. Along with a lighting audit, we provide a proposal and lighting design to help plan for the upgrades. 

Lastly, we’ll get you booked in for a lighting installation date that can brighten your business processes at last.

How Much Does A Lighting Survey Cost?

We know what you’re thinking; this is all well and good, but what exactly will it cost you?

The good news is that our lighting surveys are free from price and obligation in the majority of cases. The only expense you should pay is the labor and material costs later down the line.

Ultimately, your survey itself is a kind of consultation, no different from a builder coming out to assess a job. Only once we’re clear on your lighting as it stands and how exactly we can help you will you have to put your hand in your profits. In other words, if your survey reveals no issues, you won’t have to pay a cent!

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