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Panel Upgrades

Whether you’re in a residential complex, single family home or a commercial unit, your electrical panel is crucial to the safety and functionality of your property. With an electrical service upgrade, you can minimize the risk of failures and faults, reduce potential downtime, improve safety and increase the value of your property.

What is an electrical service panel?

An electrical service panel facilitates an electricity supply to your property. Often located in the basement, electrical room or on the exterior of the property, you may recognize a service panel as a fuse box or circuit breaker.

While every structure with an electricity supply will have one main service panel, some properties may have secondary service panels in other locations. Most residential properties rely on service panels to provide power to the home, while larger, commercial units may have switch-gear or entire electrical rooms.

However, the switch gear or electrical service panel doesn’t just facilitate electrical power to your property; it enables you to access electricity safely. By installing new panels along with new breakers this allows the amount of electrical energy which can flow into the property, a functional service panel prevents overheating, electrical fires and electric shocks.

If you want to have access to electrical power, and you want to maintain the safety of your property, having a fully functional electrical service panel is essential.

When is an electrical panel upgrade needed?

When dealing with the decision of when a commercial panel upgrade is necessary ask these questions.

How old is the building?

This may give us hint on how old the electrical system is.

Is the building experiencing electrical issues?

Power outages, breakers tripping, flickering lights or complete loss of power.

Suncoast Energy offers a free consultation regarding all commercial and residential electrical panels. We help prevent power loss outages or catastrophic failures.

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